In the Know of Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a term that is in the know of what is going on online or just on your computer.Where you understand the terminology being used along with understanding the content of the programs. Such as I have never used Twitter before and I always joke around that my dad and uncle have a twitter and I do not. While I was joking I figured that they did not understand the program that well, but come to find out that they did and I am now learning all about it. I thought it would be easy because of all of the other different social media. It is not all about social media, that is just a form.

In the article, Making sense of the 8 Elements of Digital Literacy, it shows the eight C words that help with digital literacy and that could help with digital learning. They explain them to be; creative, confident, civil, critical, constructive and communicate. Another element of digital literacy would be to not use technology for one specific class, subject, project or out of school use. It is learning to combine and use technology for many different things. Such as this class I would not have guessed I would need a twitter account and tweet for a class. Then there is critical thinking and problem solving as explained in Learning and Innovation Skills. This helps the digital learning aspect even though there is critical thinking in creativity and being constructive.

Understanding that I should know and should understand and keep learning the art of digital literacy is important because of my profession and my use of technology in this day. I know how to use most of the programs on my computer and online. There are still things that I still don’t understand, such as making a website. Though I have done it once in high school with all of the coding materials. It was handy to know but I don’t use it anymore.I would like to learn more about digital literacy. I am in my own bubble when it comes to digital media and I don’t want to try anything new. I need to keep my nose in what is going on in the digital community to better become a digital learner. This could better me as a teacher and a person to communicate with others around me and my future students.


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