What makes life worth while? Thinking of that question and wonder if my life is actually worth while. Though in all reality I know that it is, I may get to comfortable and stay in one place for a while, but I have a longing for adventure. There are many ways to successes in your life and one of them is knowing that success isn’t an ending process it is an ongoing one. This is because we try so hard to achieve one thing, but when it is done then what are you shooting for? What makes you happy? Your job, your family/ friends, faith, money. Think how much it would be a success to find something new that makes you happy?

In the TED talk above from Chip Conley: Measuring what makes life worthwhile, talks about most of those questions from his life and from another person’s story.He talked about a lot of aspects in life, happiness, time and a lot of counting. This TED talk reminds me of a movie called The Pursuit of Happiness. It is about a father trying to do what’s right for his family and is struggling to be happy. The father, after his wife divorces him, goes out to find a good job and finds one as a stock broker.The TED talk reminds me of the movie because of the way he is trying to achieve success. When he achieves he knows he isn’t done and that was just the first step. He knew what really counted and meant to him, being his son and wanted the best for him. He does it with all that he has and even when he could have broke down he still tried harder and achieved. Here is a little clip from the movie,

One big thing that I think he talks about is not actually counting, because then we will be wondering worrying what does count.

I won’t lie my success would be found when I graduate, but that isn’t the end of it I still have a process of finding a job from my degree. Even after that I won’t be done finding success, because then I will have new students every year to try grow their learning and understanding of art. Success is not only in my career but in many other situations such as my faith and exercise goals. This gives my life meaning. This makes my life worthwhile, found in the stuff I like to do and want to achieve with others. What makes your life worthwhile?


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. whitneywalson says:

    What an inspiring TED Talk. I agree that we all deserve to be happy in life, but when we think about what makes us happy, do we really always know what that is? Sometimes we have to look deeper than we think to find what it is that truly makes us happy.


    • courtney18blog says:

      I believe that happy always changes. I have been looking that over and I think that joy is better than just being happy. Joy can last longer than happiness. So after this was all said and done I would rather be joyful in life rather than happy. In the end, yes, we do have to look deeper to understand what this all means to ourselves.


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