Step by Step Education

Watching the Logan LaPlante’s Ted Talk was inspiring for how I feel about learning now and how I felt about learning back in my high school and Jr.high years. I had to really think what I wanted to be when I was older, when there are all these answers that are true, such as being  “happy and healthy.”

In a way I have walked in a different line of my education field that I am going through here at CSC. My major is Art Education, but I work on a farm and invest in my own cattle. When I tell people what I major in when I’m showing cattle in the summer they look at me and wonder how I can be majoring in a field so different than agriculture. Seeing the teenager do so much with different aspects in his learning to get to where he wants to be is admirable. To have done so much while learning, instead of just being in the classroom. Though, that kind of learning can still happen in the classroom. The student would have to ‘hackschool’ it and go out of just the classroom and go after what they find interesting. The great thing is, is that it doesn’t have to be one thing or subject, it can be many so they can learn what they want to do.

When I become a teacher I want my students to want to like art, and not dance around the subject and not think of drawing or painting again. I don’t want to assume that the students in the class will know everything, but I want to strive that they will understand some of the history, going out and explore different artwork and creating different things that sound interesting. I don’t want them to play it safe, instead to create something that they can’t put down. I want them to express themselves and what they like and what they want to do in life in their work.

Schools these day’s are being pushed towards the dislike of parents, because of the way subjects are taught and wanting more for their children. Though I understand parents are concerned, but the schools do offer what they can. Sometimes it could be the budget cuts or how much funding they get. That will affect how teachers can teach and makes it sound like it’s only for a living rather a life. The students may try to walk in a straight line, but the student should use their own creativity and not assume that the line is the only way to go. Like the pictures down below there are steps to the finished project but the student, including me, have to figure out how to get there, what it takes and how much effort and creativity it requires. They can take as small of steps or as big of steps as they choose, assuming that is want they want to be.

Photos by Courtney Lyon


9 thoughts on “Step by Step Education

  1. dinomom7 says:

    I remember in school doing lots of art, but that was many, many years ago! I also remember loving art and having fun doing it. It’s awful that art has been taken out of so many schools, whether due to funding or just because the focus has become more towards testing. I work in a school district that now has an art teacher that does from school to school. She is at my school this semester and the kids love it! She also goes to my son’s school and both of them are enjoying it so much. I think adults forget just how much enjoyment kids get out of art and just how much it helps to expand their creativity.


    • courtney18blog says:

      I believe that it is just as important as some believe recess is. It is like a brain break without realizing it for children. Though, it does get a little more difficult in high school, it is still something that isn’t necessarily tested over. It is sad how it is getting taken out of many schools, but hope that it will change.


      • dinomom7 says:

        I hope so also. Both my boys love art and they are getting it right now, I believe it’s once a week and are really enjoying it.


  2. kristynstric says:

    When I was in art in high school my teacher gave us a list of items we needed to complete. We were able to work at our pace through out the year. This meant that we were not taught anything throughout the year. It is nice to read that you plan on working more with the students, helping them to improve their artistic skills. From looking at your pictures I can see that your a very good artist. Glad to see that you will be sharing this talent with your future students.


    • courtney18blog says:

      Thank you and that is what I hope to do. I want them to enjoy it as much as I did and still do. I like how your teacher let you work at your own pace, but that can be dangerous as well, each student is everywhere and that can be hard to keep track who knows what and who doesn’t.


  3. joshborm says:

    It is interesting that you are going down a different path than one you are familiar with. I have seen far too many people get caught up in the family business and never explore options of their own. It is nice to see that you are taking it upon yourself to work in a field that you are passionate about. By the way-your drawings are fantastic!


  4. reneemalm1989 says:

    I think it is great that you are so versatile. I’m sure it surprises people that you want to become an art teacher and know agriculture at the same time. In some ways, I think there are aspects to agriculture that can indeed be considered an art. You can’t just learn about it and become a rancher or farmer. Most things tied with this field of work must be taught and learned over a long period of time. Most times that “way of doing things” is handed down from generation to generation. I’m sure you will be a great art teacher!


    • courtney18blog says:

      Thank you, Renee! I enjoy both. It took a long time to learn the ropes around a farm, but it is fun when you do. Art comes a little more easily, because it is something to take your time with. I can’t wait to teach and appreciate it!


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