What Do You Like To Do?

Do you like to learn while doing something you like to do? Isn’t it a lot easier to contain the information that way and teach others how to repeat the process. Reading through 25 Ways to Institute Passion-Based Learning in the classroom by Saga Briggs, gives detailed examples about how to go about this in the classroom. Then in My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning by Nigel Coutts, tells his story on how he struggled with passion- based learning and his successes.

I think the best thing about these articles are the examples and many things that I can take out of them as a future educator. In 25 Ways to Institute Passion- Based Learning in the Classroom one of the key points is the sharing of what they are passionate about and me as a teacher is passionate about as well to give examples. Then in My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning how students went above and beyond to create a “laser CNC engraving Machine from old printers.” This can be good for the students to learn something they want to learn. They can make or create something rather than work on a worksheet. They can better retain this information because it could be an all year experiment. One thing that could be bad about this is planning ahead. There are many ways to plan for the year and to have a goal and not have a goal.

This will affect my teaching, by understanding that it doesn’t have to be all planned. My future students can come up with their own project. Though, art is a giant project class anyway there is still room to come up with more. In response to that at the beginning of the year my students can come up with a project to do on their own. They can work on this project if they get done with a class project early or as homework. This is better than the students working on other homework or just reading in my classroom. I am not saying that reading in my class is a bad thing, but this will be on topic with my subject area. This could act as extra credit or just another project. The only challenge would be to figure out how much it would be worth.



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