The Building of My PLN

When first looking at a PLN, I thought this would be a catch. Only following people on their blogs or on social media to gain information, sounds easy for me. Then comes the part of building my own information to partake in the network. I am learning while going through the website that it is not just a find and gain information and call it good. No, its a find, gain information then put your insight into it to inform others. We have a voice to and in some aspects it needs to be heard. It is like a conversation,  in which both people engage in the conversation instead of someone being talked to. This is something that I will have to work on. To be bold enough to speak about the topic of the PLN to others that may have more information. The web site does a good job at discussing how to reply to others posts or articles. This will be helpful now and in the future.

For my PLN I looked up Education, Art Education and Art. The education can be split from elementary grades to high school grades. This allowed more content and people to follow. Then the art portion gained quite a bit, because art can be taken to a lot of places. Such as book illustrators, professional artists, street artists and all the others in between. Following the Art of Education and multiple art journals. This can help with future art assignments and projects. This will also help with insight on how to teach and then I can make comments on how it could be changed or differed. I can also feed my PLN by making lessons of my own and sharing them out or telling my story of how I became an art educator or how I wanted to become an art educator.


Some challenges that I can see coming from making a PLN is not keeping up with it or putting in the effort. I will need to be diligent in keeping up in it and working to improving it and making it better. From just learning what a PLN is I hope to keep this as a habit rather than something I start and don’t pick back up. It should end up to be a hobby to learn from others and to help others in return.


2 thoughts on “The Building of My PLN

  1. ReneeMalm1989 says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. The PLN is a give and take. I know it takes a lot of time to find the information you want to put out there. I think it has to be something a person is truly interested in, for it to be worth doing. There is so much out there, a person has to really research and take the time.


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