Keeping it Digital

There is so many things on the internet that I had no idea were here. There are so many courses and tools to gain more experience of something or to challenge yourself more on things that you may already know.  The ds106 is a course that stands for digital story telling. It is open to anyone and everyone. There are multiple assignments to go from to just great. It can be doing photos, videos, audio, drawings and writing.  This could be like the Independent learning projects that is going on in a this course, only I don’t do my independent learning project everyday.  It can also be called a daily create challenge as we are doing for this course along with our Independent learning projects.

When I heard of this, I instantly thought of just something else that I have to figure out, but then looking deeper into it, it looks pretty interesting. There is a lot of things that can be taken out of it for you to create. Not a lot of courses now are about creating, but instead of writing research papers and of what people have already done. When looking through the different assignments some of them are sound really interesting. One image assignment is the You in Collage Form and this is just making a collage about yourself. I always have liked the idea of collages, but have never done one. Another one is the Contradiction Creation, which is a photo with words over the top of it and add something contradicting to it.

Being an art education major this can go perfectly with high school students who get done with a project early and decide to not do anything productive before their next project.  This can also be a helpful tool to base projects off of for throughout the years. I don’t want to keep repeating the same project every year. That can be repetitive and old in a way. It could also be used for extra credit if needed. To have the students keep learning and creating in their down time is helpful for when they are in their other classes as well. I believe this is big for high school students who don’t get recess or time outside of their studies for long periods of time.


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