One Step Closer

One thing that I will have to learn is to start practicing with one thing and keep practicing. This week I wanted to practice with the eyes, or a eye. I started by just doing my own thing and doing a small sketch. Half way through I realized that I wasn’t really helping myself if I wasn’t taking the time to look up ways to make my eyes better. So I looked on Pinterest and looked at different eyes to draw. I found one that sort of had a step by step way to draw. I didn’t watch the video, but I do recommend it if you want to start to draw, because I wanted to try with trial and error.

I did not try to make the tear in the eye, only because I just wanted to focus on the basics and making it look realistic.20170403_165355In this picture I did not finish the actual eye, but the difference to where I was going with the first one, at the top, and how it turned out with the other one. There is a big difference in both of them. The top one, even though it isn’t finish, was lacking in that it was just there and not placed. Eye lids are what makes the eyes look placed. The actual eye ball should look like it is inside of the lids. That is not how the top one was going wrong. If you look at the top eye the ball part looks like it is protruding out past the lids and if you look back to last weeks photo the problem still occurred. To help was to make the bottom lid as a highlight rather than a shadow, and making the top eyelash a shadow. The inner part of your eye that is by your nose was hard to understand as well. That is because I thought it was just creating two circular balls in that little area. Then realizing that I was looking for more noticeable shapes  Then making the shadows in the eyes from the eyelashes from above also helped with the lids looking as they are going over the eye.

After finishing the eye, the same thing happened as last week, I just wanted to work on the other parts of the face as well. Snapchat-833461297-1

The other features aren’t as well as they could be, because I was just making a quick sketch to put it together. However, there are improvements made in the nose and mouth, even though they are sketched. Now that I have accomplished one eye, I want to make them as a pair and look identical. I also want to start working on the nose as well. Tune in next week to see how it turns out.


2 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. onci2015 says:

    Wow you have improved! I did not know about shadowing or highlighting in drawing an eye. The one thing I noticed from last week was your nose. This nose looks like you put more time into straightening it. How old were you when realized you are an artist?


    • courtney18blog says:

      Thank you! It took quite a bit of time to get things put together. I don’t think I’m really an artist, but I grew up wanting to be one. My mom went to college for art as well and I kind of went along after her.

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