How do I want to Teach?


After viewing a lot of these resources, I have to ask myself, how do I want to teach? That is a broad question in everything that goes into teaching, but there is so many ways to teach one subject. It is all about engaging the students to participate and learn the content. One way that I am learning about is podcasts and digital storytelling and how they are helpful in a classroom. Bringing familiar and relevance to the classroom rather than just having the old classics. Podcasts can also help engage to figure out a topic of a story and have it to feel the reality of it. It can give the student insight depending on the commentary and what what they take out of it. Students can also develop critical reading skills and thinking skills as well.

questions-1014060_960_720    Advantages for digital storytelling in the classroom is that it can be a partnership project. Students can learn to work as a team and work with communication. With that they can also gain time management skills to turn the project on time. They can explore their interests, instead of getting told what to do. They gain skill doing something they want to do or learning something they want to learn. Such as their research skills for different abilities.

Going to teach art, I plan to encourage creativity with every project, sketch and writing assignments that may occur. Though creativity should be a no brainer for art, it is still hard for some students to think outside the box. I say this because sometimes it takes a while for me to think outside the box. Digital story telling would be good for a computer art class or for high school. This can also not only help them with their class, but also in their school. Meaning for the theater clubs or part of the yearbook staff. These skills that could be learned in class can be taken out into the world.

Some disadvantages would mostly be using the podcast. There are some that can be helpful with art history or other artists telling their story for inspiration,  but to help with their projects personally I don’t think they would be much help. It could be something that I look more into, but for now I might not use it as a big recourse.


6 thoughts on “How do I want to Teach?

  1. dinomom7 says:

    There are so many options in how we can teach it’s hard to decide. And in this class we keep learning more and different things that we can use in our classroom. I like the idea of students using digital storytelling to work with each other on a group project. What a great way to learn teamwork.


  2. kaylalynn1996 says:

    Courtney, I like how you found a way to connect this to your profession. I know in some ways this can be hard to connect to art, but adding in about a computer art class is a wonderful idea. Podcasts would be tricky to factor in, but I am sure you could find some way to make it work!


  3. whitneywalson says:

    I love your idea about partnership. That is so true and a good idea for a lesson that deals with podcasts. That would be a great way to allow all students to work on their communication skills.


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