These couple of weeks have been crazy with projects due and work loads adding up to a lot more than I though they would be.  This came as a release for me this week and last week to keep working on my independent learning project. These last two weeks I have been working on doing both eyes and a nose instead of just half a face. This is hard in getting both eyes proportionate and not having them be crooked. Taking what I have learned from the last post about eyes to make another. Then adding a nose in the middle to form a face.

This is what came out of the process. This isn’t my only attempt in this, there are many, but this is what I wanted to be the final product. I covered the bottom portion because I did not finish the mouth and couldn’t stop messing it up. When looking back at it again as a picture, I notice that the left eye is slanted a lot more than the right. I also noticed that the slanting could also look that way because the left side is slightly higher than the right.  When I was doing this to try and not have that happen, I would transition from both eyes. Though it is still a working progress there is still potential here.


This is how it looks as I was trying to finish it. The mouth is still a working progress and so is the facial features. This is also not as realistic because the ears should be showing on the right side, however, they are difficult and complicated. They will be something to learn another day. If you cover half of the face it looks normal. The same will happen if you cover the other half as well. That being said, I need to work on making the two parts whole, again. I kind of feel like I am at square one, but I have to realize that I have fixed a lot of the features of the face and have a better understanding on how to draw it and how it looks than when I first start. Getting started for next week to work through this problem. I also hope to have a self portrait done by next week. So come check it out and see if I can accomplish it.


6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. alexmmarker says:

    I think that the finished product looks really good! I also think it is really cool that this has become a sort of release for you from the stress of the rest of the week. I think that is a good way to build a new skill because it is something that you want to learn, not something you are being forced to learn.


  2. dinomom7 says:

    I wouldn’t have noticed the eye until you brought it up. I think you did a great job. Are you teaching yourself just by looking at other drawings? Or are you following a book that teaches drawing? You draw way better than I ever could, every time I have tried to do a face, it’s not a pretty sight!


    • courtney18blog says:

      That is how I was to. I never looked good. I am mainly looking at pictures of face drawings and working from that. This is challenging because I do loose the steps, but helpful because I then can figure it out myself and master it. Thank you!


  3. happilyeverholly says:

    I think that you did an awesome job on the eyes and nose! Also, I know how frustrating it can be to have all of these assignments due, and am always looking for a stress reliever, so I am so glad that you have found one! Can’t wait to see it completely done!


    • courtney18blog says:

      I am clad that it can be anything rather than an assigned stress reliever, when that wouldn’t really be a stress reliever at all. Thank you and I hope to keep it going for a while.


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