Digital Activism

Activism is seen all around the world, through political aspects to bullying.  This can be done through blogs, social media, websites, videos, etc. This is to help the possibility in altering a movement of something that was already a conflict or making one. These can help show awareness and in meta-activism, a website, brings six functions that help tell the process and what can happen. These are; Shape Public Opinion, Plan of Action, Protect Activists, Share a Call to Action, Take Action Digitally and finally, Transfer Resources. It states how activism is a pattern of these six things.  This can be as easy as changing your profile picture with an advertisement of an activist group or doing a digital fundraiser.

The cool thing is that teens can start this in school with bullying or helping out the less fortunate in their community.  This is to form awareness and help encourage to help. In classrooms they can make videos, make a social media account to help spread it out and post it to the schools website. This helps them be active in what’s going on. In my classroom, this can look like help show how to save the arts in schools and to bring awareness to their peers and everyone on the web. This could also just be a project in itself to help them understand things going on in their school, community, country and even world. To drag it into an art basis, the students could make a campaign and make posters, billboard, movie/ commercial and post them on social media. This can help them with video editing skills, poster making and campaign making. They will build social skills when talking to the school superintendent about having the posters or videos on their school website.

One of the teen activism contests that is going on has six finalists and when looking at it I looked more into a girls profile that is called God Loves You. She wants to help people with their problems whether it be bulimia, depression, and many others. She is only fifteen years old and wants to help others rather than herself. Actually this is helping her to help others and to see that it works. This speaks to me because of the pain that does come out of that age and peers. She does with showing her faith in her creator, which is bold on the internet and is something that I try to work on. Very encouraging!


2 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. dinomom7 says:

    I like your ideas on how digital activism can be used in schools, especially when it comes to bullying. The students are able to stand up for what they believe in in a constructive way. I also investigated God Loves You and was quite impressed with that young lady. It is amazing how she does put others before herself, which I think is unusual for teenagers.


    • courtney18blog says:

      Thank you. She sounds like she can make a difference. Students do need to learn to stand up for themselves and others and it doesn’t have to be violent, but instead help bring awareness.


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