Digital Camera? Digital Computer? Must be Digital Citizenship.

I have heard of digital citizenship multiple times and always thought I understood what it was. Come to find out there is a lot more to it than I thought. Meaning cyber bullying, misinterpreted posts/ images and how you behave or act online. There are more that can be added to this, but that is a condensed version. This is important, because of the amount that technology has been growing and has grown. I grew up with technology and still don’t understand the in’s and out’s of it. The internet is so big that I believe I have barely scratched the surface. That being said I need to know about digital citizenship to not only help my students out with it, but to also help myself and know what I put out online is permanent. In this survival kit that was made to help students and teachers to protect themselves from identity theft on any of your accounts and from frauds or anyone. Growing up I understood that passwords were important and that is engraved in my head for good, but younger internet users may not realize this. In the website they used a padlock to describe picking a password. Then they used a toothbrush to describe not sharing the password with anyone, Permanent marker to tell that what you post is permanent and finally toothpaste because what you do post is easy to put out but hard to take off or put back in. These are useful hints for anyone who is a beginner or someone who is trying to teach there children, students, or elders.

One thing that I found interesting is when some of the websites that I looked at were giving the statements as opportunity vs, death. Going digital is more of an opportunity to get your name out, but also death in how you can do it. There are more opportunities online now than there were and more of a chance that someone will know a lot more than you think about you. Keeping things secure and professional is always a good way to go. Some also state to have ethical behavior, which include honesty, equality, diversity and individual rights. These are key, but what some may see as ethical others may not. This will help with making your own judgement.


2 thoughts on “Digital Camera? Digital Computer? Must be Digital Citizenship.

  1. shaniachannel says:

    Courtney, there is a lot to being digital that is still left to learn. It surprises me how much cyberbullying has increased over the years as well as suicide rates. Anyone can see what you post on the Internet, and I think that’s a huge lesson to teach students in our classrooms. I also agree with you that technology has increased drastically. I didn’t get my first cellphone until I was in 7th grade, which was nine years ago and look what technology we have since then. I had a flip phone not to mention and now I have a touchscreen. Crazy!!

    Shania 🙂


    • courtney18blog says:

      It is crazy on how fast it can grow. I had a little phone when I was in 8th grade and I now have a touch screen as well. It stinks how much those rates are going up, but as teachers I hope we can catch it.


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