Googling Me

When googling myself what came up was relieving and satisfying, but yet interesting at the same time. The only form of my social media that showed up was my twitter account and that is it. This was strange, but yes, relieving that none of my old photos or posts showed up. Not that they were bad or anything, but when starting Facebook as a thirteen year old there are going to be some strange posts. I had twitter for about one year and I don’t really mind if that is out on public. This is because it is my professional account and I only post for the class and for myself with some handy tools for my future.

I learned that there are a lot of other Courtney Lyon’s out there and they post a lot of not only status’s, but also pictures. It took to half way down the images search of my name to find a picture of me that is my twitter profile picture. Screenshot (38)

This was also relieving to me because I’m not one to have my face up everywhere on google. Sometimes having a common name is handy. Not only is my name common but by adding an ‘s’ to the end of lyon then you will have hundreds more pictures and social media accounts.

This is nice to know that my face and information is’t up everywhere, but there is also the fact of getting myself out there to gain more of a network with people. Googling yourself is a great reminder that what we post can stay up forever and be our “tattoo”. But we still have to keep in mind that we do want to network out and grow our resources. I may not have a lot or anything now, but sometime I do want to have my professional account on Google. Sometime I would even think of one of my blogs making it on Google.

When teaching in a school I plan to bring up the idea of googling yourself and how there are footprints with everything you post or comment. There posts and my posts are an impact, either small or big, and we can choose to impact negatively or positively.


6 thoughts on “Googling Me

  1. clukasiewicz13 says:

    I would have never thought about what would happen if you Google yourself and you have a common name. Think about if a potential employer were to Google you and found an inappropriate picture that isn’t even yours! I have a very unique last name and so that wouldn’t be concern of mine but when you mentioned that, I thought that it would definitely be a concern for a lot of people. How do you think you would defend yourself if that happened?


    • courtney18blog says:

      I never thought of that. If that did happen I would hope that they would know my face by then. If not, then I would want to explain how my name is similar to soo many people. After them seeing that there are a lot of people with my name then it should be understandable. If it was only a couple then I can see where it could be questioned a little more, but where I have so many people with the same name then I hope they would understand. Great question.


  2. ReneeMalm1989 says:

    I think that is one important lesson that students need to learn is that anything you post, it will always remain out in the digital world. It is your “forever footprint” that you leave behind while you are online. Things that are posted out of anger, happiness, sadness will always be hanging out there attached to your name. We need to be mindful of what we are doing online, and how it will effect us later on down the road.


  3. shaniachannel says:

    Courtney, I think it’s shocking what all you can find on the Internet. When I googled myself all that came up was my Twitter account profile picture, my Pinterest account, and some projects I’ve done for school. Other then that it was mostly Shania Twain, which that’s where my name derived from. I’m glad that I couldn’t find a lot about myself because I really don’t want that all through the technology world for anyone to use. But like you said it can be a positive outcome to get your name out there and to build networks with people.
    Shania 🙂


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