Is the internet taking over?

The internet is huge and as I stated in another post, I believe that I have barely skimmed the surface of it. But the thing is I don’t want to really go deeper, I don’t have the means to or the want to do it. I mostly tend to social media and other sites for homework purposes. Though, I may spend some pointless amount of time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, I plan to change that over the next week for finals and hope that it runs into the summer as well. What also takes a lot of my screen time is online homework. Being in college, this is inevitable. Either your grades are online or homework and tests are online. This can be hard to compromise homework and socialization outside of the internet. This semester I was challenged to do so. I found myself not talking to a lot of friends and not engaging in many activities that I used to. This does effect me mentally and physically. I notice my eyes hurting more and my attitudes rising when I am on the computer for too long. However, when I am on social media I do feel more informed on what is going on either in the community, college, family and friends. Though I can communicate with them in other ways besides social media this allows me to see what is going on without necessarily talking to them. This sounds terrible and a lot like Paul Miller, in Quitting the internet for one year, when he started using social media again. He noticed a difference from being off social media, but yet still went with it.

The whole Tech Time out that a couple of schools were doing is great and minorly helpful. The grades that were doing this experiment were 4th -12th. This shocked me because using technology that much to have a tech time out at the age of eight to nine is crazy to me. This seems way to young to have a cell phone or ipad and use it that much for a tech break. That is just my thought on the matter, but I do understand that this is a technological age where they are using it a lot younger. Back to the main point it does a lot of help by having the students be more aware of what they are doing with technology. Then they go back to using it the same way because they say they feel disconnected from everyone and want to go back quickly.


2 thoughts on “Is the internet taking over?

  1. shaniachannel says:

    Courtney, I can agree with your blog post. I also struggle with the balance between real life and being pulled into technology. Most of my classes are online and I always find myself in the habit of opening up my Facebook. Previously I would get done commenting on a blog post and than I would quick look onto my Facebook to see new posts made by my friends. Every morning I check my Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (yes, in that order). I hope that I can pull away from the pointless amount of times I get onto social media. This summer I hope to be more outdoors and exploring new adventures.

    Shania 🙂


    • courtney18blog says:

      I hope I can to, but it is hard. It’s like it just pulls you in sometimes and doesn’t let you go. I really want to go exploring this summer as well, if my work will allow it, Ha!


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