Start with Posters


Using Canva to create this, in my opinion, beautiful poster. This is, in a way, my independent learning project in a poster. This poster shows my process in a different way. On the left is my literal project and on the right is my process. Meaning it all starts from a sketchbook, with blank pages that can turn into a rose the next minute. Now, I don’t really mean drawing roses, but roses are seen as beautiful and that is what I want to make, beautiful. The faces I have drawn have been becoming more beautiful with every face I try to draw.

When creating this poster I first thought of having more pictures of my project, but to describe the process and how it started was big for me. The meaning behind all the images are important to where I started to the end picture, the eye. There is a colored background that is a pink-ish color to make it look more of an old picture. If I could change anything I would change the color of the middle bubble to an opaque gold color. This is because the white is a giant pop and takes away from the pictures. I looked around to see if I could change it, but I found out that I couldn’t after some time of attempts. There are a lot of different types of bubbles that you can use and they come in different colors already. My guess is that this is why I cannot change the color of the word bubble.

Canva is a place to create posters for almost anything and everything. You can make adds for something, travel information, or just something personal like mine. There are many different things you can do with this site that it reminds me of Photoshop. However, there are no layers to add, they are already there for you. It is easy to use and and make things for your needs.


5 thoughts on “Start with Posters

  1. onci2015 says:

    Of all the online tools, is the tool I will use in the future. I spent my time on differently than you and created something entirely different.
    Your poster/card is lovely and the woman’s face is developed and complete. I have really enjoyed the Independent learning challenge this semester. Of course I have learned, but I have truly found pleasure in reading about the learning of our classmates like you and your art.
    Best of everything to you in your future!


  2. kristynstric says:

    I love your poster. It is amazing how Canva was easily incorporated into your independent learning project. Canva was so simple and easy to use. It is no surprise that it can be used in our future classrooms.


  3. happilyeverholly says:

    This poster is truly beautiful! I hope that you feel like you have grown from the time you spent on your independent learning project, because I think that what you have made is absolutely amazing, and this poster shows it off! Great job!


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