How I Act When I am on Technology.

Where to start?

Oh, yes, right here on the internet where I start a lot of my days. Throughout this week I have been logging my experience on what I did while on the internet, how I felt, what the area was like when I was going through this. This was a kind of a punch in a gut move because of how much I spend on either my computer, phone, or other devises that have internet access. I am proud to say, even through the punch in the gut, that I spent most of my time on my computer doing homework or club activities.  I’m not trying to sugar coat the time that I did use the internet for social media purposes, cause they did happen and a lot. I found that I catch myself using social media more when I am doing homework or right after doing homework. This was handy to figure out, so that I can restrain myself from it at that time. I also noticed that when attempting to do homework while tired I would just go into my social media sites and then go to bed.


So the question should be, where should it end?

This is because I am on it constantly, but for most of it, it is for educational uses. However, when is that ‘but’ just going to cover me being on social media? This is something that I have learned through my experience, I take my time doing homework and then spend a lot of time on social media. This is in the comfort of my room, work, my boyfriends house. I think why I might start going towards the social media is because I do get ‘tired’ either physically being awake, mentally of doing homework. This could be because of lack of sleep or because of the environment. I’ve notice myself be in darker rooms while doing homework and that I would want to go to sleep because it was dark.

Though I have done better, because of the process of taking off social media and other apps on my phone. I could then focus more on my education, but just like many people they slowly put them back on and slowly start to use them the same amount of time as they used to. When I am on social media I don’t use it to post what is going on. Instead I am a scroller and get caught in it too.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and technology and being knowledge about how I can compromise my time with technology and time with people.


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