Art is Like the Rays Of the Sun.

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How I Act When I am on Technology.

Where to start?

Oh, yes, right here on the internet where I start a lot of my days. Throughout this week I have been logging my experience on what I did while on the internet, how I felt, what the area was like when I was going through this. This was a kind of a punch in a gut move because of how much I spend on either my computer, phone, or other devises that have internet access. I am proud to say, even through the punch in the gut, that I spent most of my time on my computer doing homework or club activities.  I’m not trying to sugar coat the time that I did use the internet for social media purposes, cause they did happen and a lot. I found that I catch myself using social media more when I am doing homework or right after doing homework. This was handy to figure out, so that I can restrain myself from it at that time. I also noticed that when attempting to do homework while tired I would just go into my social media sites and then go to bed.


So the question should be, where should it end?

This is because I am on it constantly, but for most of it, it is for educational uses. However, when is that ‘but’ just going to cover me being on social media? This is something that I have learned through my experience, I take my time doing homework and then spend a lot of time on social media. This is in the comfort of my room, work, my boyfriends house. I think why I might start going towards the social media is because I do get ‘tired’ either physically being awake, mentally of doing homework. This could be because of lack of sleep or because of the environment. I’ve notice myself be in darker rooms while doing homework and that I would want to go to sleep because it was dark.

Though I have done better, because of the process of taking off social media and other apps on my phone. I could then focus more on my education, but just like many people they slowly put them back on and slowly start to use them the same amount of time as they used to. When I am on social media I don’t use it to post what is going on. Instead I am a scroller and get caught in it too.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and technology and being knowledge about how I can compromise my time with technology and time with people.

Start with Posters


Using Canva to create this, in my opinion, beautiful poster. This is, in a way, my independent learning project in a poster. This poster shows my process in a different way. On the left is my literal project and on the right is my process. Meaning it all starts from a sketchbook, with blank pages that can turn into a rose the next minute. Now, I don’t really mean drawing roses, but roses are seen as beautiful and that is what I want to make, beautiful. The faces I have drawn have been becoming more beautiful with every face I try to draw.

When creating this poster I first thought of having more pictures of my project, but to describe the process and how it started was big for me. The meaning behind all the images are important to where I started to the end picture, the eye. There is a colored background that is a pink-ish color to make it look more of an old picture. If I could change anything I would change the color of the middle bubble to an opaque gold color. This is because the white is a giant pop and takes away from the pictures. I looked around to see if I could change it, but I found out that I couldn’t after some time of attempts. There are a lot of different types of bubbles that you can use and they come in different colors already. My guess is that this is why I cannot change the color of the word bubble.

Canva is a place to create posters for almost anything and everything. You can make adds for something, travel information, or just something personal like mine. There are many different things you can do with this site that it reminds me of Photoshop. However, there are no layers to add, they are already there for you. It is easy to use and and make things for your needs.

Is the internet taking over?

The internet is huge and as I stated in another post, I believe that I have barely skimmed the surface of it. But the thing is I don’t want to really go deeper, I don’t have the means to or the want to do it. I mostly tend to social media and other sites for homework purposes. Though, I may spend some pointless amount of time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, I plan to change that over the next week for finals and hope that it runs into the summer as well. What also takes a lot of my screen time is online homework. Being in college, this is inevitable. Either your grades are online or homework and tests are online. This can be hard to compromise homework and socialization outside of the internet. This semester I was challenged to do so. I found myself not talking to a lot of friends and not engaging in many activities that I used to. This does effect me mentally and physically. I notice my eyes hurting more and my attitudes rising when I am on the computer for too long. However, when I am on social media I do feel more informed on what is going on either in the community, college, family and friends. Though I can communicate with them in other ways besides social media this allows me to see what is going on without necessarily talking to them. This sounds terrible and a lot like Paul Miller, in Quitting the internet for one year, when he started using social media again. He noticed a difference from being off social media, but yet still went with it.

The whole Tech Time out that a couple of schools were doing is great and minorly helpful. The grades that were doing this experiment were 4th -12th. This shocked me because using technology that much to have a tech time out at the age of eight to nine is crazy to me. This seems way to young to have a cell phone or ipad and use it that much for a tech break. That is just my thought on the matter, but I do understand that this is a technological age where they are using it a lot younger. Back to the main point it does a lot of help by having the students be more aware of what they are doing with technology. Then they go back to using it the same way because they say they feel disconnected from everyone and want to go back quickly.

Digital Camera? Digital Computer? Must be Digital Citizenship.

I have heard of digital citizenship multiple times and always thought I understood what it was. Come to find out there is a lot more to it than I thought. Meaning cyber bullying, misinterpreted posts/ images and how you behave or act online. There are more that can be added to this, but that is a condensed version. This is important, because of the amount that technology has been growing and has grown. I grew up with technology and still don’t understand the in’s and out’s of it. The internet is so big that I believe I have barely scratched the surface. That being said I need to know about digital citizenship to not only help my students out with it, but to also help myself and know what I put out online is permanent. In this survival kit that was made to help students and teachers to protect themselves from identity theft on any of your accounts and from frauds or anyone. Growing up I understood that passwords were important and that is engraved in my head for good, but younger internet users may not realize this. In the website they used a padlock to describe picking a password. Then they used a toothbrush to describe not sharing the password with anyone, Permanent marker to tell that what you post is permanent and finally toothpaste because what you do post is easy to put out but hard to take off or put back in. These are useful hints for anyone who is a beginner or someone who is trying to teach there children, students, or elders.

One thing that I found interesting is when some of the websites that I looked at were giving the statements as opportunity vs, death. Going digital is more of an opportunity to get your name out, but also death in how you can do it. There are more opportunities online now than there were and more of a chance that someone will know a lot more than you think about you. Keeping things secure and professional is always a good way to go. Some also state to have ethical behavior, which include honesty, equality, diversity and individual rights. These are key, but what some may see as ethical others may not. This will help with making your own judgement.

Googling Me

When googling myself what came up was relieving and satisfying, but yet interesting at the same time. The only form of my social media that showed up was my twitter account and that is it. This was strange, but yes, relieving that none of my old photos or posts showed up. Not that they were bad or anything, but when starting Facebook as a thirteen year old there are going to be some strange posts. I had twitter for about one year and I don’t really mind if that is out on public. This is because it is my professional account and I only post for the class and for myself with some handy tools for my future.

I learned that there are a lot of other Courtney Lyon’s out there and they post a lot of not only status’s, but also pictures. It took to half way down the images search of my name to find a picture of me that is my twitter profile picture. Screenshot (38)

This was also relieving to me because I’m not one to have my face up everywhere on google. Sometimes having a common name is handy. Not only is my name common but by adding an ‘s’ to the end of lyon then you will have hundreds more pictures and social media accounts.

This is nice to know that my face and information is’t up everywhere, but there is also the fact of getting myself out there to gain more of a network with people. Googling yourself is a great reminder that what we post can stay up forever and be our “tattoo”. But we still have to keep in mind that we do want to network out and grow our resources. I may not have a lot or anything now, but sometime I do want to have my professional account on Google. Sometime I would even think of one of my blogs making it on Google.

When teaching in a school I plan to bring up the idea of googling yourself and how there are footprints with everything you post or comment. There posts and my posts are an impact, either small or big, and we can choose to impact negatively or positively.

Digital Activism

Activism is seen all around the world, through political aspects to bullying.  This can be done through blogs, social media, websites, videos, etc. This is to help the possibility in altering a movement of something that was already a conflict or making one. These can help show awareness and in meta-activism, a website, brings six functions that help tell the process and what can happen. These are; Shape Public Opinion, Plan of Action, Protect Activists, Share a Call to Action, Take Action Digitally and finally, Transfer Resources. It states how activism is a pattern of these six things.  This can be as easy as changing your profile picture with an advertisement of an activist group or doing a digital fundraiser.

The cool thing is that teens can start this in school with bullying or helping out the less fortunate in their community.  This is to form awareness and help encourage to help. In classrooms they can make videos, make a social media account to help spread it out and post it to the schools website. This helps them be active in what’s going on. In my classroom, this can look like help show how to save the arts in schools and to bring awareness to their peers and everyone on the web. This could also just be a project in itself to help them understand things going on in their school, community, country and even world. To drag it into an art basis, the students could make a campaign and make posters, billboard, movie/ commercial and post them on social media. This can help them with video editing skills, poster making and campaign making. They will build social skills when talking to the school superintendent about having the posters or videos on their school website.

One of the teen activism contests that is going on has six finalists and when looking at it I looked more into a girls profile that is called God Loves You. She wants to help people with their problems whether it be bulimia, depression, and many others. She is only fifteen years old and wants to help others rather than herself. Actually this is helping her to help others and to see that it works. This speaks to me because of the pain that does come out of that age and peers. She does with showing her faith in her creator, which is bold on the internet and is something that I try to work on. Very encouraging!


These couple of weeks have been crazy with projects due and work loads adding up to a lot more than I though they would be.  This came as a release for me this week and last week to keep working on my independent learning project. These last two weeks I have been working on doing both eyes and a nose instead of just half a face. This is hard in getting both eyes proportionate and not having them be crooked. Taking what I have learned from the last post about eyes to make another. Then adding a nose in the middle to form a face.

This is what came out of the process. This isn’t my only attempt in this, there are many, but this is what I wanted to be the final product. I covered the bottom portion because I did not finish the mouth and couldn’t stop messing it up. When looking back at it again as a picture, I notice that the left eye is slanted a lot more than the right. I also noticed that the slanting could also look that way because the left side is slightly higher than the right.  When I was doing this to try and not have that happen, I would transition from both eyes. Though it is still a working progress there is still potential here.


This is how it looks as I was trying to finish it. The mouth is still a working progress and so is the facial features. This is also not as realistic because the ears should be showing on the right side, however, they are difficult and complicated. They will be something to learn another day. If you cover half of the face it looks normal. The same will happen if you cover the other half as well. That being said, I need to work on making the two parts whole, again. I kind of feel like I am at square one, but I have to realize that I have fixed a lot of the features of the face and have a better understanding on how to draw it and how it looks than when I first start. Getting started for next week to work through this problem. I also hope to have a self portrait done by next week. So come check it out and see if I can accomplish it.

How do I want to Teach?


After viewing a lot of these resources, I have to ask myself, how do I want to teach? That is a broad question in everything that goes into teaching, but there is so many ways to teach one subject. It is all about engaging the students to participate and learn the content. One way that I am learning about is podcasts and digital storytelling and how they are helpful in a classroom. Bringing familiar and relevance to the classroom rather than just having the old classics. Podcasts can also help engage to figure out a topic of a story and have it to feel the reality of it. It can give the student insight depending on the commentary and what what they take out of it. Students can also develop critical reading skills and thinking skills as well.

questions-1014060_960_720    Advantages for digital storytelling in the classroom is that it can be a partnership project. Students can learn to work as a team and work with communication. With that they can also gain time management skills to turn the project on time. They can explore their interests, instead of getting told what to do. They gain skill doing something they want to do or learning something they want to learn. Such as their research skills for different abilities.

Going to teach art, I plan to encourage creativity with every project, sketch and writing assignments that may occur. Though creativity should be a no brainer for art, it is still hard for some students to think outside the box. I say this because sometimes it takes a while for me to think outside the box. Digital story telling would be good for a computer art class or for high school. This can also not only help them with their class, but also in their school. Meaning for the theater clubs or part of the yearbook staff. These skills that could be learned in class can be taken out into the world.

Some disadvantages would mostly be using the podcast. There are some that can be helpful with art history or other artists telling their story for inspiration,  but to help with their projects personally I don’t think they would be much help. It could be something that I look more into, but for now I might not use it as a big recourse.